Junior Fair Board


Our Junior Fair theme for 2019 will be: "Dancing Through The Decades"

The Trumbull County Fair’s Junior Fair Board was created to provide young adults with an opportunity to develop leadership skills, perform community service, and become aware of business and the operations of the Trumbull County Fair. Today, this Junior Fair Board has grown in both experience and responsibilities to meet the challenges offered to these young men and women. Currently, the Trumbull County Junior Fair Board has 11 active board members and 4 Senior Fair Board advisors.

The Trumbull County Junior Fair Board meets on a monthly basis, our meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at six in the evening located in the Senior Fair Office at the Fair Grounds. All Board Meetings are open to the public in compliance with The Ohio Open Meetings Act.

 To join the Junior Fair Board or for more information, please contact Jan Solomon at [email protected].
Alumni flyer for fair

2019 Trumbull County Junior Fair King and Queen Rules and Application

Junior Fair King and Queen is sponsored by the Trumbull County Junior Fair Board. In order to apply, an applicant must complete an application and an interview, where questions are asked based on participation, leadership, and achievements in the Junior Fair area as well as in the community.

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