Trumbull County Junior Fair Livestock Auction

Saturday, July 13, 2024 10:30am

The Trumbull County Junior Fair Livestock Auction will be held on Saturday July 13th, 2024 starting at 10:30 AM in the Sale Barn. This is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to purchase and support our 4-H youth.

Registration for bidders opens at 9:30am at the North End of the Livestock
Sale Barn. *(Located on the northwest side of the fairgrounds and east of the horse barns.)


Market Rabbits, Market Chickens, Market Turkeys, Market Ducks, Carcass Goats, Market Goats, Market Dairy Goats, Carcass Lambs, Market Lambs, Dairy Beef Feeders, Market Beef, Carcass Beef, Market Hogs, Carcass Hogs

Thank you to all that support our Trumbull County Junior Fair Livestock Auction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my participation help?

Buyer participation helps to bring the project to
completion by providing a market for each participant's
project animal. Profits from the projects are often reinvested
in the next year's project or school savings.

How can I participate?

You can participate in the 4H Livestock Auction by
registering as a bidder and bidding, winning your bid, or
"adding-on" to a 4H Club Member.

What is an "Add-On"?

Member but don't want to purchase an animal or loose
the bid, you can tell the assistants at the sales table you
would like to "add-on" a specific amount to a specific
Club Member.

What if I win a bid but don't want the meat?

There are a couple of options for you! The Livestock Sale
Committee can assist you in donating to a local charity
or food bank, sending to a local sale barn, or you can
gift/split the meat to family and friends!

What if I don't want to purchase an entire

Reach out to any of the Livestock Committee Members
(located on the back of the flyer) and they can assist you
with finding someone who could split the project with

What if I’m a successful bidder?

Present your buyer's number at the sales table when
you are finished with the auction. The assistants will
have you complete necessary paperwork and pay for
your purchase. If you've purchased a Grand or Reserve
Grand Champion Project, your picture will be taken
following your winning bid! We handle shipping of the
animal to the processor of your choice. Processing
fees are not included in the sales price.

Are there any tax benefits?

Yes! The cost of any project donated to a charity of
your choice is tax deductible. Should you decide to
keep the meat, the excess amount of the purchase
price over market value is tax deductible. Ask a
Livestock Committee Member for more information!

Questions?? Contact Info.

Miller - President
[email protected]

Laurie Jones - Treasurer

Monica Culp - Secretary(330)646-1901

Cory Kibler - Vice President

Trumbull County Junior Fair Cheese Auction

Sunday, July 14, 2024 2:00pm

The Trumbull County Junior Fair Cheese Auction will be held on Sunday, July 14, 2024 in the Universal Show Ring. Each member builds a basket around a pound of cheese, the results are most creative. Come to the auction and bid on these most lavish baskets and support our 4-H Dairy Youth! The photos that will be posted below will represent the individuals that participated in the cheese auction, both buyers and 4-Hers.